Experiences in the lounge on the ground floor.

A space that renounces TV so you can listen to good music, transparent and full of different places where you can read, play, think, dream and navigate.

Hotel Eigón - Posada de Valdeón

The garden:

The shadow of the walnut trees, the river, the pure air …

Go out into the garden and see that the murmur of the water is constant and brings peace.


Books, board games, teas, beers and words.

Choose a sofa, map or guide and enjoy Eigón.


When you come, we will be happy to provide you with all the tourist information you need about the Valley and its mountains. So you can take from your trip a memory as unique as the limestone mountains that surround us.

Connect to the outside world through our Wi-Fi connection and feel at home.


For our guests we will be close and always ready to find all the answers you need during your stay.